Advice from David Azatto to London Entrepreneurs

David Azzato recently had some advice for entrepreneurs in the London area about getting started and staying the course.

One of the main things he pointed out is how important it is to keep the passion that you started out with as long as possible. Doing things the entrepreneur way is different than just going to a regular job. You have no set path to follow and instead make your own.

As a result, there’s never anyone to correct you when you move in a bad direction except for yourself. That’s why it’s important to periodically re-evaluate what you’re doing and measure it up against your initial reason for starting your business in the first place. If you find yourself losing fervor, or getting caught up in the details, David Azzato recommends that you back to that original passion and do whatever you need to do with your businesses in order to re-align it with that passion and principle.

Manage Time

Another bit of advice he has is that you need to make sure that you handle time management effectively. Your ideas can never be realized unless you put time and effort into them, but you have to be careful about the management of time or your sense of balance could be disrupted. David Azzato also recommends actually writing out how you’re using your time so that you know for sure where it’s all going.

This way, you can kind of audit yourself and find a way to cut tasks that aren’t really needed. Azatto calls this the “busy trap” where you feel happy after completing a task that isn’t that necessary, making it so you feel accomplished even if you haven’t done anything that really needed to be done, making it so that you’re always busy.

If you analyze what you’re doing and how long you’re taking to do it, you can often optimize your day and find a way to free up time for your own sanity while not sacrificing any real-time for making sure that your business is continuing to work the way that you need it to work.

It’s also important, according to Azzato, to stay optimistic as much as you can, because there will be times where it feels like everything is going south and the obstacles in front of you are insurmountable. If you can stay optimistic in the face of that, then it will lead to your success in the long run.

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