Georgette Mulheir Champions for Democracy Reforms in Haiti

Haiti is experiencing political instability. For two consecutive years, humanitarian challenges have been faced that are affecting the normal country’s normal functioning. There is no peace. The condition in the country is tense. The government in power is so authoritative and oppressive that people’s citizens fear for their lives. Activists like Georgette Mulheir are fighting for this situation to change once for all. Haiti’s head of state and government is very reluctant about losing his presidential seat. This is making him be more ruthless and oppressive. Some of the disparities that have faced the political sector of Haiti include unorganized elections. 


The results for this were so devastating. There have been no parliamentary proceedings in the country meaning that even the process of making decisions has been negatively impacted. The local government of Haiti also experienced the same problems as from July 2020. The form of leadership was authoritative and depressive to its citizens (Crunchbase). 


Also, a new police force was established. The police force was very loyal as it reported directly to the head of state. This team acted as a secret team. Surprisingly, the government teams up with the police service and bandit groups to undertake the massacres. According to the experience of Georgette Mulheir, she has explained that the main targeted groups by these bandits were those communities and groups against the government’s operations. Cases reported include rape cases, assassinations, and kidnapping. Changes were also made to the judiciary, and those put in top leadership positions were the ones loyal to him. The government made changes to the Supreme Court.


The US government together with other superior nations decided to plan a general election in the country to be held in April. The citizens were hopeful enough that changes would be made to the government, Georgette Mulheir pointed out. Changes were made to Haiti’s laws to ensure that the citizens are not discriminated against nor undermined. Haitians were not given a chance to vote because of being denied voters’ ID. However, citizens are hopeful that change would come their way. We, therefore, expect democracy to be brought back to Haiti.The human rights commission hopes that soon everything will be okay and the oppressive laws will be done away with. Haiti’s are also thankful to Georgette Mulheir, an activist and spokesman who has helped champion most of the reforms currently taking place in Haiti.