Greg Blatt’s Exclusive Interview

Greg Blatt knows how to draw wildcards in life because his career has taken several turns and twists. He has at once been a bartender, an entertainment advocate, a CEO of some internet dating ventures. In all these adventures, he has been determined, applied skills, and a committed work ethic.

Greg Blatt has the gut to allow him to advance from one position to the other in his whole career. Greg Blatt is a Boston native, and so he mastered this tenacity from his dad who was a genius with a unique opinion on whatever topic put ahead. Greg Blatt was not ambitious about the executive life because he went to the Colgate University to study literature and earn a degree in New York.

After graduating, he took some years off to travel all over the world, and so explored different cities all over the globe. Greg Blatt anchored the travels by doing odd jobs like painting houses as well as bussing tables before moving to Telluride in Colorado. When living in a ski town, he resided in a tent and worked as a bartender, and he was perfect at it because of his personality. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for related information.

He later desired to have a practical application for the degree, and so he went to Columbia Law College and studied law. On entering the finance and corporate law world, he became an M&A attorney in New York. Three years later, he realized that this was not the intended path he desired because the interest was in entertainment law.

This was a perfect period to establish connections because he befriended Martha Stewart, a TV personality who hired him to becomes the general counsel. Blatt was instrumental in guiding the publication of the company, and his experience with Stewart’s scandal made the entire period quite fascinating.

Greg Blatt’s Bio

Gregory Blatt is an industry executive based in America. He is the chairperson and CEO of Match Group. In his lifetime, he has held almost every position at Match Group, IAC, and Tinder. All these companies are subsidiaries of each other, but IAC is the overall group.

Greg Blatt attended the famous Colgate University to acquire a BA in English and Literature as well as Economics in 1990. Five years later, got a Doctor of Law from the renowned Columbia Law Faculty.


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