Georgette Mulheir Champions for Democracy Reforms in Haiti

Haiti is experiencing political instability. For two consecutive years, humanitarian challenges have been faced that are affecting the normal country’s normal functioning. There is no peace. The condition in the country is tense. The government in power is so authoritative and oppressive that people’s citizens fear for their lives. Activists like Georgette Mulheir are fighting for this situation to change […]

Dr. Tom Chang MD on Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Tom Chang MD is a renowned ophthalmologist located in Pasadena, California and runs Acuity Eye Group. Dr. Chang’s experience spans over 20 years. An alumnus of the University of Toronto, the renowned doctor, gets to work with many hospitals with which he has affiliations like Adventist Health Bakersfield. As the technological era continues, Dr. Tom Chang MD and Acuity […]

Melissas thoughts

We need to learn to work together in order to truly elevate each other. We can continue this model of stepping on the next man’s shoulders in order to get ahead, but not extend a hand and each back to lift those we can reach up to meet us.