Andrew Alexander Growth in Creative and Entertainment Industries

Born in 1944 in the English kingdom, Andrew Alexander is a big personality when it comes to artistic work. When still young, his father moved to Toronto, where he had a whole new environment to venture. Making their stay over there memorable, he also graduated from the Ryerson University in Toronto. Before finding a passion for theatre arts, he worked at the Thompson Newspaper. The drive for acting drove Andrew to be a frequent visitor at the Toronto arts scene, where he worked as an editor of the SKI Magazine, among others.

Andrew also made other stints at the Global Village Theatre, where he co-produced shows, finally being hired by Ivanhoe Theater in Chicago. Through the Second City, it took a turn about for the best in Andrew Alexander’s career growth. He was able to produce and develop live theatre revues as well as helping build big names in comedians like Gilda Radner, John Candy, etc. Partnerships can be vital, especially in a booming business, and patterning with Len Stuart was the rebirth of the Second City entertainment company both in TV and film production. Through its massive growth, they acquired the Second City’s Training, touring, and corporation services. Andrew Alexander also opened the Harold Ramis film school, which could cater to the interested individuals in the film industry.

He has also made significant strides in developing television programming for big tv Channels like ABC, CBS, and Fox Television. in connection to tv; he has also produced major hits in movies and television shows with stars like Ed Asner, Andrea Martin, among others. Andrew alexander serves as a board member in the different organizations and has taken many honorary awards, including Emmy nominations.

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