Dr. Tom Chang MD on Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Tom Chang MD is a renowned ophthalmologist located in Pasadena, California and runs Acuity Eye Group. Dr. Chang’s experience spans over 20 years. An alumnus of the University of Toronto, the renowned doctor, gets to work with many hospitals with which he has affiliations like Adventist Health Bakersfield. As the technological era continues, Dr. Tom Chang MD and Acuity Group is at the forefront in utilizing artificial intelligence solutions as one of their measures of effective use of data. The other way the Group is exploring artificial intelligence is to find a way through which diagnosis can be made using this incredible technology.

Dr.Chang acknowledges that artificial intelligence is the next fastest data digesting solution. Therefore physicians will be best placed to access their patient’s reports fast and even access the latest research conducted on particular topics. Tom Chang MD is glad that currently, the time taken to come up with a diagnosis is made shorter by the use of artificial intelligence. Further, through artificial intelligence, most patients now have a chance to start receiving their treatment soon enough.


The use of artificial intelligence at Acuity Group

Acuity 360 eye exam is an eye examination used by Dr Tom Chang MD, which has proven to be effective in diagnosing eye diseases. The examination, which previously would take a long time now, is done within a minimal time of 15 minutes. Further, the eye examination solution detects a majority of eye ailments because it does not focus only on a single eye defect. Tom Chang MD has proven to  detect that this eye examination solution has therefore proven to be very reliable. Dr. Tom Chang MD has competence that is unmatched in ophthalmology; this has seen him gain recognition as one of the best in his area of expertise by the Best Doctors of America. Further, he has had a chance to have an impact in 15 Countries through his lectures. 

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