Richard Liu Continues To Innovate

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of our time. He has managed to take an idea and create a billion-dollar company. Even with all of his ups and downs in life, he stayed focused on his goals. Richard Liu is the founder of a site, named It is the top e-commerce website in China. It continues growing exponentially and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

As a child, Liu Qiangdong developed the idea that he wanted to help people in his village and his family. He was not sure exactly what he would be able to accomplish but he understood the importance of success. He was born in Suqian. It was a region of China that was full of poverty and lack. Read this article for related information.

Even though most people did not have extra funds in his village, they still helped his family to purchase his ticket for traveling to college. Liu Qiangdong attended the People’s University of China, where he obtained his sociology degree. During the time in school, he also focused on computer programming. He then decided to learn more by going to business school at China Europe International Business School. There he obtained his EMBA.

One of Richard Liu’s first businesses was Jingdong. Qiangdong sold magneto-optical products. Due to the growing trend of the Internet, he decided to take his business online. He then changed the name to He began reaching out to other kinds of vendors to place on his website that had authentic products. now has over three hundred million active users and the numbers are steadily increasing. The company has even started trading on the NASDAQ. Anyone can see why Richard Liu deserves the success he has acquired. His company continues expanding because of his willingness to innovate.


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